Four Stars for…


The internet just GETS us, you know? We want to start April off with our favorite videos right this minute. Ones we think you should check out. Do you have a song, funny pet video or touching moment you think we should check out? Send it our way!!

  • Like, actually LOVE. This is what we have always wanted to put into words but have never known how to phrase properly.

When Love Arrives

  • Who would have thought Honey Maid would touch your heart the way this commercial does?

Honey Maid: Love

  • Tough day? Need a smile? A certain mom sent us this Puppy Cam link to watch a litter of puppies who will grow up to be guide dogs. Try not to smile while you watch these cuties. We’re not going to lie, we sometimes keep it open on our computer just to check on them throughout the day!

Puppy Cam

  • As we approach the Boston Marathon, we can’t help but think back to last year. We also can’t help but feel immense pride for Boston.





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