The NEW Stripe: PLAID

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It is officially starting to feel like fall! We have lived in our nautical stripes all summer long, and now that it is cooler another stripe has made a big comeback: PLAID.

Plaid Wish

This style will be our “go-to” look paired with our favorite leggings or AG jeans this season.When the temperature drops more we will layer it under our favorite cashmere sweater. Every single one of our brands has incorporated this reinvented trend into their fall collections. Above we have listed our favorite plaid pieces from Velvet, Joie, and Equipment! Pumpkin spice latte anyone?



We all need a break, especially in the summer. The city starts to empty out, but we have found ourselves stuck, with work or children or hectic schedules preventing us from a getaway. But who says we need to actually go anywhere to have a little fun? We are sharing some of our FAVORITE getaway spots and activities with YOU, along with a few Wish items to help complete your great escape!



1. Ella Moss Tali Maxi Dress- $188: We have this gorgeous maxi in Olive & Black and just love how comfy it is!

2. Milly Strapless Linen Dress- $295: Because nothing is better than chic AND chambray!

3. Joie Marcher Top- $188: Perfect for a warm evening roaming our beloved Boston

4. Buji Baja Beach Throw- $50: These aren’t JUST for the beach! Throw it in your bag for a picnic in the park.




1. Summer time and the living is EASY. Eat outside, kick your shoes off, stay awhile!! Lay out your Buji Baja beach throw and people watch in Public Garden. We are also huge fans of Central Bottle, where $75 gets you a picnic basket full of charcuterie and wine or beer!

2. Craving a little Vitamin D but have no time to drive to the Cape? We like to sneak away to Carson Beach to take a dip and play a little bocce. INSIDER TIP: The Tasty Burger nearby will deliver right to your towel…. SHH

3. Our parents taught us to expand our cultural horizons in the summer so our brains don’t turn to mush. So we are always seeking out a good festival, where learning and fun can happen together… who knew? This summer, you can definitely find us at Chefs in Shorts (June 20th in Seaport), WGBH Craft Beer Festival (July 12th in Brighton) and the August Moon Festival (August 10th in Chinatown).

4. Is there anything better than a cool dip on a hot summer day? We love hanging out on the Rooftop at Revere Hotel, where the swimming is indoors but the dining is outdoors. We also love the evening atmosphere at The Colonnade, where you can swim until midnight on the weekends!!



Four Stars for…


With spring break right around the corner, we can’t help but want to hop on the next plane to a private island. If you have seen our window, you KNOW we have a bad case of wanderlust. Whether you are heading to South Beach, Cabo or just over to the Cape, we have a few tips for any trip.

Keep It Light

When we think of a beach vaca, we think of the bare essentials. No frills, no fuss, just relaxation and comfort. Our wardrobe consists of tunics & bathing suits by day and shift dresses by night. These are our beach essentials and ALL can be found at Wish right now!

Wish Beach Necessities


We pack everything into our MINE bag, which actually is our go-to bag for ANY situation. What’s in our MINE bag? Only our favorite beach necessities.



Getaways are the perfect time to catch up on some guilty pleasure reading, whether you are on the plane or lounging on the beach. These are our favorite books of the moment:

Wish Beach Reads


  • Rules of Civility (Amor Towles): High society in New York City. Think Great Gatsby meets Sex and the City.
  • The Fault in Our Stars (John Green): An inspiring story about Hazel and her journey through cancer. Definitely a must read before the movie comes out!
  • The Girls’ Guide to Hunting and Fishing (Melissa Bank): An oldie but a goodie. Don’t be fooled by the name, this is more of a walk through the in’s and out’s of love and relationships.
  • Mrs. Kennedy & Me (Clint Hill): An inside look at one of our fashion idols as told by her personal Secret Service agent. You know what happens at the end of the story, but this perspective makes it so much more real.


Where are you headed? If you vaca Wish style, tag us for a chance to be featured!



Four Stars for…


The internet just GETS us, you know? We want to start April off with our favorite videos right this minute. Ones we think you should check out. Do you have a song, funny pet video or touching moment you think we should check out? Send it our way!!

  • Like, actually LOVE. This is what we have always wanted to put into words but have never known how to phrase properly.

When Love Arrives

  • Who would have thought Honey Maid would touch your heart the way this commercial does?

Honey Maid: Love

  • Tough day? Need a smile? A certain mom sent us this Puppy Cam link to watch a litter of puppies who will grow up to be guide dogs. Try not to smile while you watch these cuties. We’re not going to lie, we sometimes keep it open on our computer just to check on them throughout the day!

Puppy Cam

  • As we approach the Boston Marathon, we can’t help but think back to last year. We also can’t help but feel immense pride for Boston.




Four Stars for…


Whether fresh out of college or married for 30 years, date nights are crucial for any functional relationship. But where to go? You want something different but relaxing and insanely good. As major foodies, trust us when we say that these places are tried and true for us… we can’t get enough.

• Puritan & Co. (Cambridge):
From the pork shoulder to charred octopus with pesto to rye gnocci , this place truly is jawdropping. It is incredibly modern, but you will feel SO cool sitting in there. AND they just recently acquired their full liquor license-think hot cocoa with chartreuse or hot mulled wine. Friend them on Facebook to score $1 Oysters, sign up for Fish & Game Night and drool over their Brunch specials. We dare you to try to have just 1 of their sea salt rolls. Inside tip- ask to sit at the chef’s table… you’ll thank us later.
c/o P&Co. Facebook

• Tip Tap Room (Beacon Hill)
Make your man’s day and take him to a place that is based around meat & beer. This place is perfect for a more social date night. All kinds of tips: steak, chicken, turkey, antelope. And an ever changing, never ending selection of beers. A reservation is 100% necessary, but totally worth it (especially if you can score a table in Peter’s section). The salads are phenomenal, but so is the rock shrimp appetizer and pecan pie with cinnamon ice cream!!
c/o boston.eater

• Butcher Shop (South End)
While getting a table at a reasonable hour here is tough, finding something amazing to eat is not. World-renowned chef Barbara Lynch does it again, with food you would never think to order at dinner (hot dog, anyone?) and pairs it with an upscale modern vibe. The French/Italian menu is constantly changing but the charcuterie and wine is always top notch. Do your tummy a favor though, and have your man face the huge cooler of meat.

• Met (Back Bay)
We are drooling at just the thought of The Met at Back Bay. Holy crispy brussel sprouts. The ham and cheese bar? YUM. This place is perfect for those who prefer regular comfort food, although every item here has a bit of a twist. Finish eating early so you can grab a huge glass of wine in the ever so romantic Library! We’re not gonna lie… Sunday mornings you MIGHT catch us in there, reading a book, mimosa in hand.



Zip It!

Zippers made by CGM

Zippers are back in a VERY big way this year! Whether it is on the back of your dress, or accented on a bag, this style is sticking around for Spring, Summer & Fall!

Milly NY at WISHOur Paige Jeans in the Edgemont style are not only one of our favorites, but a celeb pick as well!

Paige Close up

One other take on this edgier look is on our shelves in the form of Linea Pelle leather handbags.

Linea Pelle at WishThese buttery totes come with two tone zippers. This makes it so easy to pair with all of your hardware and accessories! If any of you have purchased other version of Linea Pelle bags before, you know how great the quality is and how pretty and luxe they look in person.

Come visit us soon and let you us know what you think of this zipper trend! xoxo