Four Stars for…


Some might call it “surfing the web” but we like to refer to it as “research”. Either way, we try to find time each week to browse our favorite blogs. It’s become second nature to us to find celebs wearing Wish’s clothes (we almost ALWAYS do!), but we also like to read about the latest trends in other big cities. So we made a list of our top 4 favorite bloggers!

  • Cupcakes & Cashmere
    • Emily is honest & inspiring. Like Lauren Conrad, but lower key. We love catching her wearing Wish brands (Velvet, Splendid!) but love reading the blog for food & décor ideas… Olympic Cocktail inspired drinks, anyone?


    • Atlantic Pacific
      • Blair is gorgeous and so are her pictures. We love admiring her bold style choices… I mean, the girl rocks Current/Elliott leather skinnies with Converses one day and a Tibi skirt with Valentino pumps and a Madewell sweatshirt the next. Plus we are total fan girls of her hair.


    • College  Prepster
      • We have been following Carly on her blog for years now and have really seen it take off. Just this winter, she took a trip to Ireland with Barbour to tour their factory… WHAT?! Her preppy style is effortless and her puppy, Teddy, is the cutest thing we’ve ever laid eyes on.


    • Inspired By This
      • This blog is like a better version of Pinterest. We drool over the home décor, cry/take notes at the weddings and proposals and constantly find new fashion icons in the Inspired By section.  This is the ultimate answer for those looking to majorly procrastinate.


We are always keeping our eye out for new blogs!! Is there a blog you love that we missed? Let us know, we’d love to check it out (but actually).




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