Zip It!

Zippers made by CGM

Zippers are back in a VERY big way this year! Whether it is on the back of your dress, or accented on a bag, this style is sticking around for Spring, Summer & Fall!

Milly NY at WISHOur Paige Jeans in the Edgemont style are not only one of our favorites, but a celeb pick as well!

Paige Close up

One other take on this edgier look is on our shelves in the form of Linea Pelle leather handbags.

Linea Pelle at WishThese buttery totes come with two tone zippers. This makes it so easy to pair with all of your hardware and accessories! If any of you have purchased other version of Linea Pelle bags before, you know how great the quality is and how pretty and luxe they look in person.

Come visit us soon and let you us know what you think of this zipper trend! xoxo



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