Four Stars For…


It isn’t easy being green…but it is easy to find ways to celebrate the holiday. We are sharing some of our favorite things about today. And let us take this moment to be cliché and say that we feel very LUCKY to have you reading our blog!! xoxo

  • The Sparkling Shamrock

If an Irish Car Bomb is a little too… Irish, and the thought of drinking green beer grosses you out, we’ve found the easiest, classiest, most perfect solution. Taryn from Formal Fringe made it as easy as pouring a glass full of your favorite bubbly and top it with a little Midouri (Japanese melon liqueur) and you’re all set!! Don’t leave the kids out—there’s nothing wrong with a little green food coloring mixed with sparkling cider! GENIUS.   Full Recipe here

 Sparkling Shamrock

  • Thin Mint Puppy Chow

There are few things we won’t do for a Thin Mint. So when we found this idea from Shugary Sweets, we were all about it. Whatever you called it as a kid: Puppy Chow, Trash or Muddy Buddies, you surely have tried this… but did you ever put this spin on it? Trade the milk chocolate for MINT chocolate and add minty m&m’s and you’ve got yourself the best indulgence ever.  Full Recipe here

Thin Mint Puppy Chow

  • Pot of Gold Irish Potato Soup

If you weren’t hungry before, you will be after you see this. Clearly, the Irish have no concern about calories, so who are we to turn this down? Plus the little clover on top of the bowl is just adorable. While it may be a little time consuming, it sure does look worth it!! Full Recipe here

Irish Potato Soup

  • DVF + Green

Although Diane is Belgian born, she sure does know how to make green look GOOD. Here are our favorite DVF Irish-themed pieces!!

DVF Green



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