Four Stars For…

The Oscars!!

You mean we get to freely ogle our favorite celebrities, scope out the latest fashion trends AND be at home in our pajamas?! Sign us up! The red carpet is by far our favorite part, where we get our first glimpse at the celebs in their beautiful gowns and tuxedos. But lately, social media has given us a whole new perspective on awards nights…. from a celebrity’s point of view. So we pulled our top 4 favorite looks along with our top 4 behind the scenes(or camera) moments!!



  • Kristin Chenoweth (in Cavalli)- We already know that her voice is phenomenal but that dress!! She puts that silly gold statue to shame!



  • Camila Alves (in Gabriela Cadena) with Matthew McConaughey (in Dolce & Gabanna): Talk about a drop dead couple! They give new meaning to the words effortlessly beautiful!



  • Kate Hudson (in Atelier Versace): 360 degrees of pure heaven. But let’s be honest, Kate has had our hearts since Almost Famous.



  • Emma Watson (in Vera Wang): On paper, a sleeveless, metallic sheer gown just doesn’t sound plausible. But to see Emma Watson walk down the red carpet….. wow.  Hermione really has grown up!!




  • Diane von Furstenberg’s selfie: Only DVF could make a selfie look this classy!



  • Brad’s Pizza Party: I can just see him leaning over to Angelina and asking her to dial up Papa John…



  • BREAKING NEWS: Thank you for clearing this up, Pharrell. We have been wondering that for WEEKS now… WHAT?



  • The Selfie heard ’round the world: Talk about a billion dollar photo! (also- Bradley Cooper MUST know by now that he is a heartthrob right?)



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