Back In Action

Rabbit, Rabbit, HAPPY MARCH!! We are so excited for spring we can barely stand it. Just the thought of dresses, sandals, white denim and SUN has us giddy. With spring, comes new beginnings… new beginnings like the relaunch of our beautiful blog!! We want to be a source of fashion tips &trends but also a place to escape chores, or get a good laugh in, or just learn something new. Here’s the Run Down:

-Mondays will feature a Lifestyle piece of things we are currently obsessing over or inspired by. From our favorite Instagrams to nail polish to best places to get a cocktail, we’re always fan-girling over something… including the word fan-girling (definition: totally lusting/enamored/gaga over said object)

-Wednesdays–if you follow us on Instagram (and you should!!), are for Wise Words Wednesday at Wish. We look forward to giving a little mid-week inspiration, all on a background from an item in Wish. So picture our favorite Audrey Hepburn quote on the pattern of a Calypso dress.

-Fashion Fridays!! Kick off your weekend by reading about the latest trends, all with things we carry here in the store. Want to pull off distressed denim but don’t know what to pair them with? We’ve got ya covered!
Your feedback is more than appreciated, as you are who we do this for!! Do you have an idea, or want to know more about something? We’d LOVE to know.

Ready. Set. GO. Let’s do this, friends!


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